Jagger’s Casa

If you listen to the show you will hear me refer to the duplex we live in.  It’s a 3200 square foot single family, attached home, so in essence it’s 1/2 a duplex.

Jasmine frequently exaggerates about the palatial estate we live in.  It’s nice, but far from palatial and is in a mixed neighborhood of mostly duplex and small apartment buildings.

Keep in mind that my partner Patrick designs stores for Fossil all over the world, so I benefit from his artistic touch.

Also, the house was staged for a photo shoot and doesn’t always look like this.

We have a daughter, she has toys, we make a mess like everyone else, but this is kind of what it looks like, minus some of the day-to-day living clutter.

I’ll start with the outside of the house:

The Front Living area:

Dining area:

Kitchen and Family Room area:

2nd Floor Media Room:

Master Bedroom and Bathroom:

Ellie’s Bedroom and Bathroom:

3rd Bedroom / Ellie’s Playroom:

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