Uniform Malfunctions: 10 Awesome Athlete Camel Toes

Women in sports are generally a little more “on display” than their male counterparts. For some reason, they seem to compete in every event in something that resembles a bathing suit, regardless of whether or not that activity requires actual swimming. And, due to both their apparel and their anatomy, unfortunate things can happen. Topping the list of unfortunate things is the most noble of wardrobe malfunctions, the camel toe. Here are some examples…


A triple camel toe! (with perhaps a forth on the far left – the world will never know.) I’m not sure what sport this is, but I’m pretty sure that any sport that requires hot European women to wear skin-tight body suits and a black high heels is a sport that needs to cross over to the States. I hope it’s roller derby. Please Lord, let it be roller derby.

4-21-2009 1-37-58 PM

Even female pugilists can get camel toes. While I’m not entirely convinced that this is an actual boxer and not a model (it’s been my experience that female boxers generally aren’t this pretty), who am I to question a women of indeterminate ethnic origin rocking pink boxing gloves in the desert? As for the camel toe, there isn’t much to say other than it’s there, which makes us pretty sure this isn’t a dude.


Perhaps the most aggressive photo in this collection, it would appear that her body is slowly consuming her unitard starting at the crotch and working its way up. I’m sure if a photo was taken 30 minutes later, she would be standing there naked wondering what the hell just happened. Alas, no such photo exists, so we are forced to wonder what might have been.


There’s a lot going on in this photo so let’s get to it. First, I don’t see an outline of any teeth or appendages down there, so let’s put those rumors to rest right now. Secondly, this photo does a good job of conveying the emotion that Serena exudes. I’m pretty sure this is the way she reacts when she finds a quarter on the ground or makes it to McDonald’s just before they stop serving breakfast. Passionate woman, frightening camel toe. Next.


I think Nokia is finding a whole new customer base with this pic. There’s the sponsor and just below is the camel toe in all its damp glory. Presumably she is upset about something that happened on the volleyball court, but there’s a decent chance she struck this same woeful pose when she learned this picture of her exists.


For those of you that thought gold lame porcelain dolls couldn’t get camel toes, well, I’m sad to say this picture says you’re wrong. They can and do. I’m not entirely sure what sport this is, but it looks like some sort of hybrid between gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, ice skating, and a western version of Kabuki. Whatever the sport, she seems to be pretty proud of her performance. I hope she won a gold medal or shiny button or a piece of string or whatever they give the winners of whatever sport this is.


Since there’s not much else to say about this one, let’s roll through the hierarchy of sports based on their likelihood of producing camel toes. The most likely are clearly swimming/diving and gymnastics, with beach volleyball coming in at a distant third. While tennis players are not that prone, they get photographed so much more than the other athletes that pics are more abundant, even though they are less likely. So there you go. The answer to the question no one asked.

maria sharapova cameltoe 060

The title of the original image says this is Maria Sharapova, but I’m not able to tell from any of the available characteristics, so maybe an overzealous/creepy fan could confirm this in the comments. Also, if anyone knows what her mailing address is, maybe we could all chip in and send her some bronzer or a 2-month membership to a tanning salon in the Ukraine or something. Seriously, I’m inclined to believe that’s not Sharapova if only because no one but an irish woman in Boston could have thighs that white.


We have something of an anomaly here, sports fans. A female wrestler rocking a camel toe. Clearly something horrible just happened to her on the mat, cause she looks a bit like a concussion casualty in the best case scenario and a sex crime victim in the worst. Or both. Maybe she was subjected to a takedown by wedgie. That would explain her presence on this list.


This is Cindy Klassen. Apparently her area of expertise is skating around with a giant protruding camel toe while flying the Canadian flag upside down, which either means that you want to overthrow the government or that the embassy or consulate is in distress. A cute ice skater with a camel toe is great. A cute ice skater with a camel AND designs on overthrowing the Canadian government is the stuff dreams are made of. And that’s why young Cindy tops our list. Cause political ambition can be way more sexy than camel toes, which are a dime a dozen in the world of women’s sports.

And finally…

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